1. Our interest in sustainable design is broad in nature. We see “Super Sustainable” as a prefix to virtually all things that we can create as designers.

2. As a “think tank” we generate new questions and solutions for the design of sustainable products, buildings, landscapes, and cities.

3. All of our knowledge and ideas are accessible to the public.

4. Diversity is critical to our work. We encourage collaboration between engineers, architects, planners and other professionals interested in sustainability.
5. We want to create a central reference point for all parties looking to implement sustainable design solutions.

6. We work through research, writing, modelling and rendering. We make competition proposals, exhibitions and films.

7. We do not address sustainability in economics, politics, or the natural sciences unless it directly affects our design projects.

8. Super Sustainable is initiated solely by its individual team members and is not responsible to any government agency or private corporation.